Black Ops 2: New Ray Gun Mark 2 Released Early – Ray Gun Mark 2 Gameplay

New Ray Gun Mark 2 Released Early!!
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With the new Vengeance DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 set to release on July 2nd, many Black Ops 2 fans are anxiously waiting for the four new multiplayer maps, the new zombie map and most importantly, the new Ray Gun Mark 2. If you are one of those gamers who I just described, stop waiting because the new edition of the Ray Gun is here! Yesterday, Treyarch released an update to fix semi-minor bugs in both multiplayer and zombies. With the update, they also released the Ray Gun Markinto the zombies universe. 

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Can Anyone Get The Highly-Praised Ray Gun Mark 2?

After some testing, we have come to the conclusion that as long as one player in a zombie game has a season pass, the Ray Gun Mark 2 will appear in the thrilling “Mystery Gun Box”. We came to this conclusion after someone ( a non-season pass holder) tried to play a solo match and the gun did not show up anywhere in the map, but the first game a season pass holder joined, he was able to receive the lethal weapon from the box. We tried getting the new Ray Gun on different maps within the Zombies universe but we were only able to find the gun on the zombie map “Town“. We didn’t have a high success rate but then again it is a rare weapon, you can see our successful attempt in the video above. Again, this is what worked for us, anyone else could get different results so keep fighting off the waves of undead as you look for the newest edition of the fan-favorite Ray Gun. 

Let Us Know!

Were you able to find the Ray Gun Mark 2? If so, did you enjoy slaying zombies with it? If not, what don’t you like about the weapon? Let us know in the comment section! 


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