Black Ops 2 – New “Vengeance” DLC to Feature Summit Map Remake

Remake of Summit Coming To Black Ops 2 In Upcoming "Vengeance" DLC!

Remake of Summit Coming To Black Ops 2 In Upcoming "Vengeance" DLC!

As the release date for the new “Vengeance” DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 approaches, many new details are arising! David Vonderhaar announced that the fan favorite Summit map from Black Ops 1 is returning under a different name, “Uplink“, in the upcoming “Vengeance” DLC that is set to release on July 2nd to Xbox 360 first and then PS4 and PC a couple of weeks later. 

Uplink is the third map to join the club of Black Ops 2 maps that originated in the first Call of Duty Black Ops game. The other two maps are known as Nuketown 2025 (remake of Nuketown) and Studio (remake of Firing Range). Both of the maps have received mixed reviews; some saying that they love the way the maps play, while others complain that they are nothing like their Black Ops 1 originals. 

Due to the remake of the popular map, the trailer for the upcoming DLC also received mix reviews. Some gamers expressed their distaste in paying $15 for maps that they have already played in previous games, where as other gamers expressed there interest in the idea of bringing back classic maps to newer games! 

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