Black Ops 2 – “Vengeance” New DLC Confirmed! Release Date and Preview!

New Black Ops 2 DLC "Vengeance" Confirmed! Details, Release Date, Price also Confirmed!

New Black Ops 2 DLC "Vengeance" Confirmed! Details, Release Date, Price also Confirmed!

Treyarc’s confirmed today that Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will be receiving the third DLC installment titled “Vengeance” on July 2nd. Vengeance features 4 new multiplayer maps, 1 new zombie map, and the Ray Gun Mark 2, a redesigned and updated version of the fan favorite Ray Gun!

Four New Multiplayer Maps
  • Detour – Players are put onto opposite ends of a multi-layered bridge that has seen its better days. Destroyed buses and cars provide cover as well as obstacles to duck, lean, dolphin dive out of in order to rack in the kills. Players are going to be using assault rifles, snipers or LMGs as they try to capture control of the top layer of the bridge! On the bottom layer, players are going to find themselves using shotguns, SMGs, grenades, as they are rushing head on towards their enemy! 
  • Cove – Trapped on an island completely surrounded by beautiful ocean blue water, teams are going to fight for control of the outer parts of the island as they bombard the opposing team in the center part of the island. There is no way to escape the island full of lead and grenades going off!
  • Rush – Who said paintball and war couldn’t mix? A paintball arena features many different types of courses and players are going to be running from course to course as they fight it out. The common paintball inflatable bunker is not going to be overlooked as many soldiers will be using the paint-covered bunkers to their advantage! Whether you find yourself in a professional course, behind a bunker, or popping out of a saloon modeled after the Wild West, this map is sure to be filled with excitement and fast paced action!
  • Uplink – First there was a Nuketown remake, then came a Firing Range remake, now Summit is the newest addition to that club! In Uplink, an area built off the original Call of Duty: Black Ops’ map Summit, players find themselves on a satellite station fighting for the main facility. Although the majority of the warfare will be occurring within the facility, players can also find themselves shooting at some distance or pulling out their knife as they fight in the areas surrounding the main building!   
One New Zombie Map
  • Buried – Just as the name sounds, Buried, features the 4 characters we have fought the undead with in previous maps, but this time they are trapped in an old western town that has been buried (hence the name Buried). With the new map comes a new aspect to the game. The trailer shows someone (either undead or a survivor) behind bars and it is up to the 4 survivors if they want to take advantage of the extra survivor or spare his potentially harmful actions. 
New Ray Gun Mark II

The original Ray Gun has always been a powerful fan favorite in every Zombie map. It is time to reveal the brand new edition of the Ray Gun, The Ray Gun Mark II. 

It is going to be, once again, a powerful weapon that is much more rare to collect. It will shoot green rays (like the original Ray Gun) but it is a lot more powerful, as it can shoot through zombies in a 3-round burst fashion!

Similar to the two previous DLCs, Vengeance will be coming to Xbox Live first on July 2nd and PS3 and PC players should expect it to drop shortly after! Vengeance is going to cost the same as the other two DLC, 1200 Microsoft points ($15). If you paid for the season pass, you can download Vengeance at no extra cost! 

Which maps are you excited for? Let us know in the comment section below!

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