Black Skylands New Early Access Date Announced in Beautiful New Trailer

Black Skylands hits Early Access a tad later than expected but gets a gorgeous trailer to tide us over.

Black Skylands hits Early Access a tad later than expected but gets a gorgeous trailer to tide us over.

Black Skylands‘ new PC Early Access date is July 9, Hungry Couch Games and tinyBuild announced during the IGN Summer of Gaming expo. The open-world action-shooter blends polished pixel art with crafting, sky combat, and so much more as you explore a gorgeous world in the grip of a vicious evil.

Earth is a mass of floating islands in Black Skylands, and people roam the skies in factions trying to survive and prosper — mostly. There are those who plunder and destroy, such as the Kains’ Falcons bandit gang. The Falcons attack the Earners faction, destroy their ship, and murder nearly everyone in their way, including the father of Eva, Black Skylands‘ protagonist.

Check out the lovely animated Black Skylands trailer below

Eva sets out on a journey of vengeance, but as determined as she is to bring the Falcons down, she also wants to rebuild her life. Designing your ship “from the deck up,” expanding your base, and gathering the resources to stay alive form a core part of Black Skylands, Hungry Couch said in a statement.

Forests, jungles, snow-capped mountains, idyllic farms, and more all fall under the shadow of your ship as you explore the vast, open world, and your ship is more than just a home. Aerial combat plays a significant role in Black Skylands.

We checked out Black Skylands earlier this year and said that in its current build, it’s “an inventive top-down open-world action game that mixes indie charm with mainstream aspirations.” Check out more of our impressions ahead of launch

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