Blade & Soul Announces First Major Expansion

Blade & Soul announces game's 3rd large update in as many months.

Blade & Soul announces game's 3rd large update in as many months.

NCSOFT’s Korean martial-arts MMORPG Blade & Soul announced their first major expansion today entitled, Silverfrost MountainsThis expansion is hot on the heels of their recent release of the Warlock class back in February.

The update will include several features, including a new chapter in their story mode, raising the level cap to 50 with skills and upgrades, a capital city for players to explore, eight dungeons, two 24-member open world instances, a server event involving a horde-mode styled defense, clan crafting, a world PvP zone, and more.

The rapid-fire updates to the North American servers certainly grant credibility to NCSOFT’s claims that they are aiming to create a game for the competitive eSport scene. The Korean & Chinese servers are well ahead of North America’s content, but at the rate NCSOFT is releasing major changes, that may not be true for long.

Expect this update to become available Spring 2016.

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