Blade & Souls' third major update should be releasing soon.

Blade & Soul announces Shattered Empire update

Blade & Souls' third major update should be releasing soon.
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Martial arts & bear wrestling enthusiasts rejoice! NCSoft has announced yet another major patch to their mmo Blade & Soul. Arriving April 27th, the newest update, “Shattered Empire”, will deliver new content such as two new Heroic dungeons which require full parties to complete: Sogun’s Lament and Cold Storage.

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NCSoft promises these to be the hardest group content challenges added to the game to date. They will also be adding seven new floors to their single-player test-your-skills type dungeon, Mushin’s Tower, bringing the total floors accessible up to fifteen. Finally, the patch brings a new objective-based PvP zone called Whirlwind Valley. This follows the beginning of their new PvP season that starts today.

NCSoft will also be doing a livestream of their recently released content and has started a log-in campaign to encourage players to participate in the newest PvP season.

Players who log in will receive free keys to open a Spring Treasure Trove – this seasons’ in-game box with randomized content, as well as a chance to gain a unique outfit. There will also be prizes provided for viewers or participants in community hosted pvp events. The full list of participating partners can be found here, as well as a look at the seasonal reward costumes, Steel/Indomitable Will.

Since Blade & Soul’s release in January, the company has since managed to release a full expansion, a new class, and many more features. The companies original intent was for their game’s U.S. release was for a world-wide fighting mmorpg that would become a staple in the competitive e-sports scene. This update takes us one step closer to NCSoft realizing that dream. 

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