Blizzard's latest hero FPS could (maybe) be coming to the Nintendo Switch. But it's only an idea right now.

Blizzard May Consider Porting Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch in the Future

Blizzard's latest hero FPS could (maybe) be coming to the Nintendo Switch. But it's only an idea right now.

Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch, has expressed his interests of bringing Blizzard’s latest shooter to the recently released Nintendo Switch.

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In an interview with UK-based Express, Kaplan stated that the company would take a look at how Overwatch performed on the Switch’s hardware before committing to a port of the game. He believes that the issue with properly porting Overwatch to the Switch lies in ones and zeros — or how to best exploit the console’s specifications as they relate to Overwatch‘s build.

Moreover, Kaplan also implied that an Overwatch port on Nintendo Switch might bring more complexity to the workflow of maintaining the game, something that Blizzard has to work hard to achieve across three platforms — PC, PS4, and Xbox One. He said:

“Our first couple of patches would come out on PC first and then later on the consoles. And a lot of that is because you’re working with Microsoft and Sony, and you want to be compliant to their ecosystems. Adding a third ecosystem to that just adds a lot of complexity for us, as well.”

Despite those challenges, Kaplan stated that he still won’t rule out the option of porting Overwatch to Switch — or not porting it at all. He said that Blizzard is very open-minded when deciding on what platforms their games will appear.

Overwatch is considered to be the second Blizzard games that available on current-gen console, after the first appearance of Diablo III. The game itself had already made a successful hit with 25 million players across all three platforms in January 2017.

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