BlizzCon 2015: Changes To Ticket Purchasing You Need To Know

New changes to Ticketing for BlizzCon 2015 that you need to keep in mind during the next couple days.

New changes to Ticketing for BlizzCon 2015 that you need to keep in mind during the next couple days.
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Tickets for BlizzCon 2015 are quickly approaching. This year tickets will be sold April 15th at 7pm PST and April 18th at 10am PDT. Tickets will continue to be sold on Eventbrite as they were last year. I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was due to the fact that the website is actually able to handle the traffic that BlizzCon tickets bring in.

No matter what the case, there is some new changes for tickets this year that everyone needs to know.

Virtual Ticket buyers can get swag bags

Yes, the official swag bag that is given to attendees at the door of the event can be sent to your home. Now you can sit back to watch the opening ceremony while ruffling through your bag of random items such as key chains, pins, and promotional materials.

However, unlike the virtual ticket, supplies will be limited. They have also stated that regional restrictions will apply. We will get more information on this in the coming months.

August 14th is last day to change ticket names

If you are purchasing tickets for yourself or your friends, one thing to keep in mind is that you will need to have the ticket holder on the name of the ticket, not the purchaser of the ticket.

There could be nothing more terrible than going all the way out to California and having two badges in your name when one was supposed to go to your friend.

You can reprint your tickets anytime

This is something new that wasn’t available before. Instead of having to wait for the email about badge information, you can log in to your Eventbrite account to access and print your BlizzCon tickets. Also, this releases you from having to worry about whether or not your tickets will get sent to the wrong email folder or not.

These are only a couple things to keep in mind, be sure to set your alarm and keep the official BlizzCon Eventbrite page up so you can get your tickets.

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