BlizzCon is Coming

Did you get the pun...? Sorry, I'm terrible about that kind of thing.

Blizzard fans such as myself and from around the world are already beginning to gather in Anaheim dripping with excitement. My flight is Thursday, and the day just won’t come fast enough! This will be my first BlizzCon and I have the honor of walking around with a press pass! The number of things I get for attending as press is amazing and I will be sharing it all with you, here, on GameSkinny. I think I might even be able to get my hands on Heroes of the Storm!

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I’ve got my schedule all planned out, and it is going to be two days of endless Blizzard. I couldn’t possibly be more excited.

Events I plan to cover are:

Friday Nov 8.
  • World of Warcraft: What’s Next – What I really hope to see from this presentation is what is planned for the next WoW expansion. (Fingers crossed)
  • HearthStone: Fireside Chat – This panel will have some of the HearthStone developers and designers discussing the development of the game, current meta that is beginning to form and future cards and features.
  • WCS StarCraft and WoW Arena Global Invitational Coverage – I will try my best to cover the on going tournaments throughout the convention.
  • Heroes of the Storm Overview – This is exactly what you would think, it will be our first look at HotS. The mechanics, the hero roster, and reward systems.
  • Cosplayers of course!
Saturday Nov 9.
  • WoW Live Raid – This is the first thing scheduled for Saturday and I’m just excited to see how it goes. I will most likely filming crowd reactions. I’m expecting lots of screaming of “B REZ!”
  • WoW Gameplay, Raids, Quests and More – I really enjoyed the mechanics of the latest bosses in Seige of Orgrimmar so I’m really excited to see what they plan to do next.
  • Warcraft Movie Presentation – ‘Nuff said. This is going to be awesome.
  • Meet up with BlizzPro – They are having a get together at the meeting stone. I’m really excited to use a meeting stone in real life, seeing that I haven’t used one in-game since 2006!
  • Heroes of the Storm Live Match – We get to see how HotS might turn out in the competitive scene for the first time. I’m expecting a very entertaining match and we can get a sneak peak of what the future holds for HotS and eSports.
  • WoW Q&A – See what Chris Metzin has to say, Epic!
  • Grand Finals (SCII and WoW Arena) – They are both scheduled for the same time, this will be a difficult decision.
  • Blink 182! – I got to see Blink 182 about 4 years ago. When I went to see them all I was thinking was what a great chance I got, I will probably never get to see them live again. Well here we are now and I’m seeing them again. Epic x 2.

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Next you’ll see me, I’ll be paying my respects to Illidan.

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