Blood Sport Kickstarter Unit Takes Your Blood When You Get Hit

New Blood Sport Kickstarter wants to take your blood every time you get hit in-game.

New Blood Sport Kickstarter wants to take your blood every time you get hit in-game.

Brand & Grotesque is asking for $250,000 CAD via Kickstarter to make Blood Sport units where each time you get hit in a game, you lose blood in real life. The company is known for other immersive games like Shoot the Banker, Surrogaid, and Prank House which involves merging the real world with the digital.

Kickstarter backers pay for the chance to use the unit at events, not to purchase Blood Sport.

You start by having a needle inserted into your arm connected to an empty plastic pouch. Any time you get hit, your controller rumbles which then sends a jolt of energy to the Blood Sport unit which collects your blood. An Arduino Board is the middle man, keeping the signal active and tracking the amount of blood taken. For safety precautions, the machine allows you to put in your age, weight, and pre-existing medical conditions.

This game isn’t as sadist as it appears. At the end of the video, the team states that if successful, the unit will be unveiled in Toronto on the same day that Battlefield Hardline will be launched, March 17. Afterwards, they want to bring Blood Sport around Canada to gaming events and at the end, eventually donate collections to the appropriate charities and medical associations. 

With 40 days to go and only $3,314 CAD out of $250,000 reached, Blood Sport may have a shot at being funded. Though, if not for the charitable part, the mass appeal seems low.

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