Bloodborne Bug Causes Bosses To Become Too Easy

Bloodborne glitch is causing bosses to bug out and become extremely easy to beat.

Bloodborne glitch is causing bosses to bug out and become extremely easy to beat.
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Bloodborne is a game built around difficulty. It’s the allure of challenge that brings players to this style of game. While Bloodborne is indeed a fairly difficult game, a user on Reddit has found that there is a glitch in the game that causes all the bosses to go from extremely difficult to very easy.

After allowing the game sit for over 12 hours, Reddit user meatballz noticed that bosses became unable to use their entire move-set. This caused them to become much easier and predictable. 

“Logarius had transformed from an intense spell casting maniac into a senile old man who did nothing but attack with his scythe over and over. BSB stops jumping all over the room and doing multi-hit combos and just politely spams his side-swipe” -meatballz

The exact reason this is occurring isn’t currently known, but the suspected cause is a memory leak on the PlayStation 4. This means that memory isn’t being correctly managed and is causing the system to not release old information, making it impossible for the game to load new data. In this case it could be that previous monsters are still loaded up, preventing rooms from loading boss data, such as their attacks.

So if you are having an issue with progressing in Bloodborne, you could simply exploit this glitch by letting your PS4 run all night, then have a super easy boss ready to be defeated in the morning. But where is the fun in that? I wouldn’t be surprised if this bug is fixed in the next patch for the game.

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