Blue Protocol Combat Trailer Showcases All Five Playable Classes

A new look at the different classes players will be able to choose in Blue Protocol.

Image via Blue Protocol YouTube

The new trailer for Blue Protocol is all about combat. Even though Bandai Namco’s F2P action RPG is already available in Japan, it won’t launch outside of the region until 2024. This latest look is only a little under two minutes, but it features a general overview of the story and some gameplay for all five of the different available classes.

Blue Protocol Combat Trailer

The story will follow the player character as they’re embroiled in a plot to save humanity and the planet Regnas. In addition to a character customization system, players will also have access to five classes with unique gameplay.

  • Blade Warden: This class uses a one-handed sword and a shield in combat, allowing them to tank hits and use a variety of close-range attacks.
  • Keen Strider: One of the fully range-based classes, choosing this role is all about using their a bow to attack enemies from afar.
  • Spell Weaver: The Blue Protocol version of a spellcaster, this class uses a mix of elemental attacks including fire and ice.
  • Twin Striker: This melee class revolves around using dual battle axes for quick and powerful strikes.
  • Foe Breaker: This class manages to toe the line between close and far-range combat by using a giant hammer that can shoot off its tip.

Blue Protocol is already available in Japan on PC. It will launch globally next year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Amazon Games will be publishing the Western release. Those interested can sign up for the closed PC beta.

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