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New DLC and a new character for Borderlands 2

Have you ever wanted to play as a psycho? Have you ever wanted to be lit on fire and run through a group of other psychos? Well of course you do!! Is that even a serious question? In the new add-on pack that is coming to Gearbox’s Borderlands 2, you can finally play as one. 

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Today at Pax East, Gearbox announced a new DLC, new level cap, new play through mode, and a new character. Meet Kreig, the psycho. Along with the new level cap and a new mode experience what a psycho feels. 

About the psycho: He is crazy, he likes to be lit on fire, and he’s here for all of you crazy kids who just love to go into the battle with no idea of whats going on. In the fight for your life mode Kreig will throw T.N.T. and then run up to the enemy and blow himself up, to get a new whim…… Now how the hell does that work? Who knows, but it does. As an action skill, he goes into this mode where he can throw an ax, or just run up to the enemy and hit him repeatedly until he is down and out. Kreig does not get any health regeneration, but instead every time he gets a kill his health comes back. 

If you were looking for a reason to get back into Borderlands, this is one promising DLC pack. Stay tuned for more content from Gearbox about Borderlands 2.

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