Borderlands: Pre-Sequel New Additions Slideshow

Here are some slides showcasing some of the new creamy goodness that Gearbox is adding to the Borderlands universe.

Here are some slides showcasing some of the new creamy goodness that Gearbox is adding to the Borderlands universe.
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Here we get a brief look at Athena and one of her skill trees. Fans will remember her from the General Knoxx expansion for Borderlands. Her action skill gives her a shield that becomes more powerful the more damage it absorbs.

Here we have Athena's shield in action. The more damage it absorbs the more powerful it becomes. You can then throw the shield at any time; however, the more it has been "spun up" the more damaging it is.

A strategic option is to use friendly fire to spin the shield up so you can use it whenever you want. Her ultimate skill is called 'Wrath of the Goddess' which lets the shield behave like Captain America's, allowing it to bounce between multiple enemies. Great for crowd control.

This ugly mug is Wilhelm. You may remember fighting him in Borderlands 2 although he was a bit more, um, robotic. Since this game happens before he becomes the cyborg you know him as, you get to witness how he becomes that way. He will actually alter his appearance based on how to level him up. He will end up with robotic legs, shoulder mounted rocket launchers, etc.

What you see here is an oxygen geyser. Being on the surface of Pandora's moon comes with some of the gameplay mechanics you might expect. Having to rely on oxygen to survive is one of them.

While roaming the surface all characters have a O2 shield or helmet on to breathe. These geysers are a way to refill your O2 supply. Gearbox promises that there will be many ways to keep your O2 up other than these geysers.

This huge gap would normally be impossible to traverse. But low gravity has a way of making the impossible very possible. Combine the low gravity with the ability to vent some of your O2 to keep you afloat briefly and you have the ability to easily make it across very wide craters, gaps and pits.

Gearbox has made some additions to the arsenal available to players in this installment. Here is the new Laser class of weapons. This one in particular is a Maliwan beam cannon.

This is the new Cryo elemental effect that can be found on your weapons. If an enemy's health gets low enough, they will actually freeze and shatter. You can not only freeze them on the ground but also in mid air. The new butt stomp move that is available to players now, can be used to shatter frozen enemies as well.

This little beauty is called the Stingray and is one of the new player driven vehicles in the game. Gearbox hasn't said much about it yet but has stated to stay tuned for more info regarding the Stingray.