Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass Revealed

Pandora's moon is about to get a lot more destructive and awesome with these announced DLC to be released.

Pandora's moon is about to get a lot more destructive and awesome with these announced DLC to be released.

2K games Australia has been prepping themselves for their big release, Borderlands:the Pre-Sequel, yet that doesn’t mean they are too busy to make early announcements for their upcoming DLC.

At PAX, 2K announced that they will be producing 4 DLC Packs for the upcoming title. These packs include new characters and missions, while the other two stated to bring “new challenges” and “new experiences.” No real details can be divulged at this time, but it’s fairly certain given the current characters playable that we should be in for some interesting new missions and characters. Though it is worth mentioning, Handsome Jack’s body double will be one of the playable characters within the new content. Imagine all the mischief and mayhem you can cause in an exclusive mission, pretending to be Jack and spreading fear while the real Jack is plotting something more sinister in the background.

A pre-order bonus is available for certain retailers, dubbed the ‘Shock Drop Slaughter Pit’, it sounds an awful lot like the Slaughter Dome from BL2 only a bit more…Spacey. Though it is not part of the 4 pack of DLC goodies, it will be available for purchase later on after the games release.

Another content surprise available comes from Tales from the Borderlands, developed by Telltale games. Unlocked content can be obtained by simply playing TFBL, how they plan to structure they unlock is a mystery, so make sure that when you do all you can so you could possibly unlock some pretty epic loot.

While the DLC announcement was vague, you can bet when anymore information is revealed or any images surface, we’ll let you Vault Hunters know.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will hit stores on October 17 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC and the DLC will cost $10 for individually purchased packages or bundled in the season pass for $30.

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