Borderlands wedding proposal

A man goes above and beyond to propose to his girlfriend after they bond over playing Borderlands together.
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A man by the name of Noah Yamen went above and beyond to propose to his girlfriend, using their favorite game that they play together, Borderlands, as a theme for the special day. 

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Using the aid of a 3D printer, voiceover from characters, and a creative mind, Noah was able to create a remarkable experience for his wife-to-be. 

The special game that brought them together

“Playing this game together has been one of those things that’s brought us even closer… it’s just become ‘our thing,'”

In most unusual circumstances, Noah Yamen says that playing Borderlands together formed a special bond between him and his girlfriend. Through fighting bandits and discovering vaults, Noah and his special lady Tia became a close couple – and now they’re ready to tie the knot.

Planning the Event

Noah put a lot of thought into how his proposal would take place, and he knew that creating Borderlands in real-life was the way to go. Below are the many steps that Noah took to ensure that everything was pefect.

  • Design an echo-device replica for an iPhone case
  • Make a mission app (with XP and level-ups)
  • Tiny loot chest for the engagement ring
  • Replica 3D shield generator

The shield generator may seem a bit out of place, but Noah took careful notice to the types of shields that Tia uses in game and designed one specially for her, dubbing it the “N.O.A.H Shield”. Using the 3D printer, he modeled the shield, printed it, added some LED lights, and also painted it with the colors her in-game shield has. 

And in the mission, added details to it: ‘N.O.A.H. Shield: Never leave home without it! For all the trials you’ll face, you’ll be glad you had a N.O.A.H. Shield. It will always protect you from harm, and shield you from all that nasty pain you don’t want. Best part is you can take the N.O.A.H. Shield with you ANYWHERE!’” 

-Noah Yamen

Through eight missions comes “Seal the Deal”

After thoughtfully planning eight missions for his real-life Borderlands proposal, Noah took his girlfriend to Chicago for a mini three-day getaway where the final mission, called “Seal the Deal”, took place. With the aid of Claptrap singing, Noah then got on one knee and asked Tia to marry him, and she had the option to accept or decline within the mission.

“Seal The Deal: This was the final step; She listened to the voiceover from the game that aligned perfectly with this mission (Clap-Trap singing ‘Did you know my head is at your crotch level? I’m trying not to think about it…’) while reading the description of the mission (‘Will you marry me? You can always count on me. Through thick and thin, I will always be there. Everything from taking care of you to sharing special memories like this one.’). Thats when I got down on one knee and opened up the Loot Crate to reveal the ring. After I asked her to marry me, she had to choose either the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button on the mission to turn it in, which completed the game. And it showed the completion of leveling up and the reward obviously being the ring.”

-Noah Yamen

A Borderlands movie on the way

In addition to the adorable wedding proposal, there’s more Borderlands on the horizon. Lionsgate has also announced a partnership with Gearbox to bring the world of Borderlands to the big screen

What do you think about how Noah proposed to his girlfriend? Got an idea that could top this? Comment below with your thoughts on this adorable proposal!

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