Bound by Flame: A Sneak Peek

Sneak Peak screenshots released for Spider Studios' RPG Bound by Flame.
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Spider Studios has released 2 new screen shots for their upcoming game Bound by Flame. The game is going to be unveiled for the first time at E3, and Spider Studios wanted to give those waiting a glimpse of the game.

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In Bound by Flame, you are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon.

The game allows for character customization, which affects the appearance of the demon possessing you. Throughout the progression of the game decisions made by the player can either further the demon’s influence or allow for heroic talents to be acquired. From my understanding, there will be many temptations that, if you give in, will give the demon more control. As the demon’s influence grows, your appearance becomes more demonic.

The gameplay is affected by the decisions you make and whether or not you give in to the temptations, allowing for a good deal of replay value. I would suggest making several save files at key points in the game. This way you can progress down different paths without having to see similar scenes over and over again (that’s how I approach any game that is decision dependent). To me Bound by Flame seems like a Fable meets Dragon Age type game. All in all, I’m interested in seeing how this game turns out.  I’m hoping this game is different but only time can tell.

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