Brace Yourself: Flappy Bird May Return

If it does come back, though, it'll come with a warning.

If it does come back, though, it'll come with a warning.

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen removed the immensely popular Flappy Bird from mobile platforms because it was “too addictive.”

But it may not be gone forever.

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Nguyen says he’s not working on a new version of the game in question, but he’s considering bringing it back to market. However, if that happens, it will feature a “warning” that will encourage players to take regular breaks. Remember that Nguyen said Flappy Bird had “become a problem” and he wasn’t comfortable with that.

Since removing the game from the stores, Nguyen told the interviewer that he feels relieved.

He added: “I can’t go back to my life before, but I’m good now.” He continues to refuse offers to purchase the game, as he fiercely guards his independence.

Nguyen is working on three new games, by the way: Some sort of cowboy shooter, a weird flying game called Kitty Jetpack, and an “action chess game” named Checkonaut. It’s very possible that Flappy Bird will always remain his most popular production… which is strange.

Never got it, still don’t get it

Why people are drawn to the simplest, strangest and often worst stuff imaginable is beyond me. I mean, I sort of get the attraction simply due to the game’s absurd difficulty but aside from that, I fail to see how something like Flappy Bird can become a phenomenon. But it did, so what do I know?

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