Brand New Hero Mech: Firebrand

MechWarrior Online's New Hero Mech, Firebrand, looks like its on fire!

MechWarrior Online’s new Hero Mech, Firebrand, is turning up the heat in competitive team-based matches. Released on June the 5th with the new patch, the new Firebrand Jagermech (JM6-FB) can deliver a seriously devastating wallop. The Firebrand sports a new kick-butt camo that’s just on fire!

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Two PPCs and dual AC/2s, is more than enough firepower to flat-out destroy anything in its path. Even if that wasn’t enough, the Firebrand has two Medium Pulse Lasers as a back-up.

A 30% C-bill boost, custom skin, and a unique variant, all for just only 4875 MC is a crushing good deal for the Firebrand. Now watch the video above showing just how awesome a Firebrand can be by killing every single mech it comes in contact with.

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