Breath of the Wild Exploit Lets You Completely Skip The Lost Woods

Soaring through the sky over The Lost Woods isn't something you can usually do — unless you go about it the right way.

Soaring through the sky over The Lost Woods isn't something you can usually do — unless you go about it the right way.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is absolutely stuffed full of secrets, tricks, and exploits. It’s got so many that players are still uncovering new ones, almost three years after the game launched.

This time around Reddit user u/Rofalls figured out a way to get into Korok Forest without having to deal with the fog puzzle in The Lost Woods. Under normal circumstances, the fog prevents you from taking any other route to the Forest.

If you try paragliding in over the edge of the cliffs, the fog envelops you, and you start back where you took off. The same happens if you try taking any other route in The Lost Woods apart from the proper one.

Unless, of course, you manipulate time to speed Link up and trick the game like Rofalls did.

After jumping off the Woodland Tower, they rapidly dropped two bombs, then slowed time by acting as if they will fire an arrow in midair. The force of the bombs exploding, combined with the slowdown, increases Link’s air travel speed exponentially, freezing the game for a second as he crosses into The Lost Woods from above and then pushing him through the fog and into Korok Forest.

You can check out the full video in action here.

It’s not the only way people are taking advantage of the mid-air arrow slowdown either. Twitter user Marmastry recently posted a video combining that slowdown with the Cryonis rune under a Guardian to trick the game’s physics engine into thinking the Guardian needed to go much higher than it really did. 

There’s seemingly a ton of ways to use this slowdown method that just aren’t possible with the Stasis rune. Whether it’s a fun technique the developers included to encourage experimentation or simply an unintended consequence of the physics engine, we’re definitely adding exploits like this to our list of what we hope Breath of the Wild 2 includes as well. You know, as actual mechanics. 

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