Bright Memory Infinite Gameplay Trailer Gives New Glimpse at Upcoming FPS

FYDQ Studio gives fans their longest look at Bright Memory Infinite yet.

Bright Memory Infinite was announced early last year for PC and current-gen systems. Since then, there have been a few tiny updates from FYDQ Studio’s Xiancheng Zeng, the game’s sole developer.

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Some of those have included an official reveal trailer, an RTX ray-tracing trailer, and even an E3 2019 gameplay trailer. But now, a new gameplay trailer, which is nearly two and a half times as long as the one shown at last year’s E3, gives fans the best look at the game yet. 

Seemingly meant for GDC 2020 per its YouTube title, the surprise extended trailer is fast and frenetic. Though not as varied as the previous trailer, this new look shows off a new environment and the strides Zeng has made in the game’s visuals. 

In it, series protagonist, Sheila, blends sword-based melee attacks with devastating gunplay to take out “mythical beast and futuristic enemy soldiers.” It’s something series fans are quite familiar with. That’s because Bright Memory Infinite is the continuation of Bright Memory: Episode 1, a highly-successful demo released into Steam and GOG Early Access back in 2016. 

Zeng has gone on record as saying the Bright Memory: Episode 1 was a sort of testing grounds for Bright Memory Infinite, one in which the fanbase helped him tweak his formula into something more grandiose. 

The input of players who have supported Bright Memory in early access has been invaluable in finding the right balance of myth and sci-fi as well as gameplay mechanics.

While we don’t know a whole lot about Bright Memory Infinite outside of its more high-level details, we do know that it is supposed to release in Q4 2020 for PC. Zeng has previously said the game would release on PS4 and Xbox One. Still, he has also mentioned migrating to next-gen systems, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X, if the game’s console development goes longer than anticipated. 

Alongside the gameplay reveal of Infinite, FYDQ has released what may be the final update for Bright Memory: Episode 1. Releasing today on Steam and GOG, the 1.0 update for Episode 1 brings the “demo” out of Early Access. It introduces a handful of changes, including a new skin for Sheila and five new languages for the game’s subtitles. 

Bright Memory: Episode 1 is typically $6.99 on Steam, though it’s currently on sale for $4.68. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on Bright Memory Infinite as it breaks. 

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