Bringin’ it: Killzone team working on new IP

Killzone dev Guerilla working on something completely different.
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Lead designer Eric Boltjes of Killzone: Shadowfall told Eurogamer at EGX:2013  that work has officially begun on a brand new IP over at Guerilla Games. Now that their Playstation 4 launch title has been completed, Boltjes made it known that the team has been planning the jump to a new IP and can’t wait to get started!

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“As a studio we do want to branch out, and we have started work on a new IP, something completely different to Killzone. I don’t want to say anything about it right now, but as a studio we do want to keep it fresh.”

Killzone: Shadow Fall will drop in November, but it is still no big surprise that Guerrilla’s  team has shifted their focus to starting a brand new project. A few may remember that GG started Killzone:Shadowfall for PS4 before they had even released Killzone 3 on on PS3! Is that ambitious or madness? Boltjes did drop some insight on their rational to keep things moving:

“Usually what happens is at the end of a game people start to roll off….So about there to four months before you ship, the designers sit down and think, what can we do for the next one. That happened then [with Killzone 3 to Shadow Fall] as well. So, about three years ago we went into that phase. The really tricky part about that phase is not trying to do too much.

Obviously Boltjes couldn’t be convinced to speak much on the project as it is still under wraps, but it’s definetly official! The guys at Guerilla Games are talented enough to pull it off so I’m personally not too concerned about the quick turn around.

Let’s talk, gamers! What would you guys like to see from the team?

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