Bundle Stars Launches Shadow of Mordor & 18 DLC Bundle for Under $20

You can now get Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and all 18 Season Pass DLC for 60% off via Bundle Stars.
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Have you been holding off getting Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor? Well now is your chance to get the game for 60% off. This includes the base game, the Season Pass and all others DLC; this adds up to 18 pieces of DLC.

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What does the Season Pass give me?

The two major DLC are:

  • The Bright Lord DLC
    • The story of this DLC follows Celebrimbor as the fight to Sauron. This means you get to play as Celebrimbor proper, not just his ghostly form. You even get to wield the one ring.
  • Lord of the Hunt DLC
    • This DLC allows you to take on more beast hunt missions, like in the main story with Torvin.
Other than these larger story DLC you also get lots of smaller DLC.

Trials of War Challenges:

  • Test of Power – is all about showing you can take down the toughest enemies.
  • Test of Speed – is all about showing you quickly kill many enemies.
  • Test of Wisdom – is all about showing you can think more tactically by bringing down highly trained enemies.
  • Endless Challange – is all about proving you can stay alive indefinitely.

All other DLC:

You can grab this bundle now, for a limited time, from Bundle Stars for £19.99/$16.66/€30.99.

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