Bungie Adresses Player Feedback with Plans for Destiny Updates

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After its release earlier this month, gamers have had a few weeks to play Bungie’s Destiny--plenty of time to get a good idea of what the game is all about, and to spot issues and glitches within the game. 

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Earlier this week, The Bungie Development Team posted on their official blog, addressing some of the major issues that players reported. 

“In the last two weeks there have been many surprises, bugs, exploits, world firsts, and a whole lot of fun. It’s been an amazing time. We think now is a great time to step back and let you all know how we think the game is holding up and to talk about some changes we are contemplating going forward.”

 The post explained several changes the developers at Bungie are working on, breaking them down into four main groups of focus: loot, social, Activities, and Balance. The planned updates will include everything from weapon improvements to fixing damage done to and by players in Strikes. 

Bungie has already started updating the game with their first fix released earlier this week; however, the rest of the updates will take at least a few months. You can take a look at what else Bungie plans on changing by reading their full blog post, here. 

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