Bungie Confirms Vanguard as Playable Character in Destiny

Bungie Confirms Vanguard as a Playable Character in the Upcoming Title, Destiny.

Bungie Confirms Vanguard as a Playable Character in the Upcoming Title, Destiny.
More news for fans that have already fallen in love with Destiny!

At E3 this year, we saw a number of impressive titles hit the stage. Bungie, the developers of Halo also brought a new game to the table titled Destiny.

Set in a mysterious future, Destiny gives players the ability to create their own character and explore the vast open-world environment of this upcoming action role-playing first person shooter. According to Destiny‘s Official Site, the game’s features will include a compelling storyline, competitive multiplayer, co-op, wide open public combat destinations, and third-person community spaces.

As in many RPGs, character customization is an essential element to the gameplay mechanics. In previous news for Destiny, we discovered that players are given the choice of a race (Human, Awoken, and Exo), as well as a Guardian class (Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans). The special powers and weapons a player can utilize will play off of the customization choices.

But there has been a new announcement: the Vanguard has been confirmed as a playable class in Destiny.

In a youtube video that takes a look at the fan mail from Bungie’s Space Mail Sack, there’s insight on what the developers are currently up to on their newest title. One fan asked and received the following reply:

mellow mojo  People have been saying that the vanguard is a different class…
People say a lot, don’t they? The Internet is a big place, abundant with theory and speculation of every flavor. Safeguard yourself against spoilers and rumor, my friends. If you didn’t hear it on the Bungie Blog, it ain’t nuthin’. We’ll tell you all about the Vanguards, and how you can become one of them. You’ll learn the truth right here. Someday. 

The key points to look at are the last two sentences of Bungie’s response.This is the confirmation that the Vanguard will play a role in this upcoming title. What that exact role may be has not yet been revealed. Speculation has us thinking two things: is it another addition to the three options of the Guardian class, or is it something completely different?

Bungie is keeping a tight lip on the information, so we’ll just have to be patient to find out more. Let us know what your thought are for the upcoming title Destiny.

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