The weekly nightfall will be getting a reboot in the Taken King.

Bungie is giving Destiny’s Nightfall a reboot

The weekly nightfall will be getting a reboot in the Taken King.
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As we inch closer to launch for Destiny: The Taken King expansion, we are beginning to receive a slew of information from Bungie about major changes coming to the game. One of which today announced, on Bungie’s weekly blog update, that the weekly nightfall will be getting a make over. 

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Any Destiny player will tell you the Nightfall is one of the first things you run after the weekly reset. You wrangle up your team of three friends, or random players from a forum if you’re a lone wolf, and you attack the strike with vigor; you plan so to the weekly burns and modifiers and pray to RNGesus you get a Hawkmoon to rub in your friends faces. For hours. And hours. Or until you get booted from the party.

But beyond that, Bungie saw how much fun you’ve had. They watched cheer, they watched you rage, and they even watched cry. So like any great powerful weapon Bungie has made… they nerfed it. 

Yes you read right, the weekly nightfall has been nerfed. Well kinda. Only level 40s can take place in the game type. You will no longer return to orbit when your team fails pathetically and death will have a 30 second time-out penalty similar to a normal raid. And you will no longer get a nightfall buff for completing the strike. You will however get more experience and reputation to make up for it.

 So pretty much the nightfall has become the weekly strike. So what happen to the weekly strike? I’m glad you asked; it’s gone, but not forgotten. Vanguard Heroic playlist will replace it. This playlist will be similar to the weekly strikes and grant rewards such as legendary marks on account level and not character level. So don’t worry about having to run through it with all three of your characters. And they’re also no cap to how many legendary marks you may earn. This playlist however will also need your guardian’s level to be at 40; and you will recieve a guaranteed legendary engram upon first clear of a weekly heroic strike. 

What do you think of these changes coming to Destiny? Are excited for the Taken King? Sound off on the comments below. 

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