Bungie Planning a Twitch Reveal for the Upcoming House of Wolves Expansion

Bungie plans to stream on Twitch at 19:00 on 4/22 to reveal more information about the House of Wolves Expansion

Bungie has announced that on 4/22 at 19:00 (or 7 PM for those who do not use 24-hour time) it will livestream the upcoming expansion for Destiny, “House of Wolves”, on Twitch. While the time zone was not listed, it could be assumed that they are talking about 19:00 PST considering where the Bungie offices are located. 

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During the stream, members of Bungie such as Deej, Bungie’s Community Manager, along with Christopher Barrett, Bungie’s Creative Director, will join in and add to the discussion.  Topics of interest for the stream currently seem to focus on the new social space The Reef. For a few teasers of the new area see the pictures below.

Other than the focus on the new area, the stream will also talk about the new upgrade paths that will become available with the expansion. 

For anyone interested in the stream you can find it here, although keep an eye out for exactly when it begins. As for the expansion, “House of Wolves,” it launches on May 19.

So, are you planning on watching the stream or getting the expansion when it releases, or have you forgotten Destiny and moved on to other games?

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