We now have all the information you need on Destinys upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron!

Bungie releases details about Destinys upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron

We now have all the information you need on Destinys upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron!
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Last night, Gameinformer released a huge amount of information regarding Destiny’s upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron. Scheduled for release on September 20th 2016Rise of Iron promises a plethora of new features for those budding heroes that are brave enough to tackle its challenges. 

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Plagued with issues from its release, Destiny has undergone a huge change in play style and feel from the base game. The current expansion The Taken King brought with it huge swathes of design changes that where welcomed with open arms by the community and fixed numerous issues that many had with the original game. Rise of Iron looks to be building upon this now rock solid foundation built by Bungee.

The new features that can be expected from Rise of Iron are:

  • Increased light level: Character level is staying at 40 but max light level  is jumping up to 385 which will then be increased to 400 for the Hard Mode raid upon its release
  • 8 new artifacts that provide special buffs to your character. For example, Memory of Timur makes your melee attacks have the small chance to make an enemy your ally for a short time and Memory of Radaghast, which gives your sword heavy weapon the ability to reflect projectiles such as Ogre Blasts and crucible rockets.
  • Addition of more cosmetic adjustments for weapons and armor.
  • Bungie has hinted at custom matches.
  • A new Crucible mode – Supremacy. Kill an enemy to make them drop a crest. Your team only scores if someone picks up the crest, whilst the enemy can deny you scoring by picking it up themselves.
  • Every class item that has ever shown up in Destiny is now returning to circulation, with the exception of items from previous raids!
  • A new faction with new armor sets, sparrows and ghosts shells!

Rise of Iron will be released on 20th September 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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