Bungie sheds light on Destiny Sandbox and Crucible updates in April Update

More details on the Sandbox and Crucible were made available today in a livestream on Bungie's Twitch channel.

More details on the Sandbox and Crucible were made available today in a livestream on Bungie's Twitch channel.
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A livestream on Bungie’s Twitch channel today listed the many changes players can be expecting in Destiny‘s Sandbox and Crucible in the April Update being implemented next week, April 12.

Deej sat down with design lead Lars Bakken, who went more in-depth with the changes that are set to be made to the Crucible mode and weapon sandbox.

Reviving teammates has been updated.

Currently, it takes five seconds for teammates to be revived. After the April Update, the cooldown timer will be increased by two seconds, then increased by seven seconds every subsequent resurrection. Bakken stated in the stream that the changes make resurrections more of a choice:

“We were seeing some really interesting things when people were doing revives, and we wanted to sort of make it a little bit more risk vs. reward, so that’s why we made some changes like…the overshield you get is a little less powerful now, the shield that you get when you revive and then you get revived. The other thing we’ve done is we’ve taken in the distance a little bit, and made it a little bit longer to do the actual revive itself. So you have to get a little bit closer, it takes you a little bit longer, and that’s the major change.”

Deej also suggested the idea of putting a bounty on Mtashed, a Destiny Let’s Player, and see what exactly he thinks about these new changes when the first Trial of Osiris match begins on April 15.

Changes to drops and weapons

Trial of Osiris will also drop gear up to 335 Light. Bounties will drop gear up to 330 Light.

In the weapon aspect of things, players spawn with special ammo at the beginning of a match in every game type. Designer Jon Weisnewski also detailed which weapons will be altered in the update, such as the auto rifles. Some with higher rates of fire, such as the Necrochasm, are getting their base damage lowered, whereas auto rifles with lower rates of fire, such as the SUROS Regime, are getting their base damage increased.

The full patch notes for the April Update will be available in the next couple of days. Bungie will be posting more details on their website tomorrow.

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