Destiny 2 announced along with its official logo.

Bungie Teases Destiny 2 With a Tweet

Destiny 2 announced along with its official logo.
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Today Bungie seemingly begrudgingly confirmed the existence of Destiny 2 by tweeting out Destiny 2 ‘s official logo.

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The tweet was met with a positive response, amassing over 32,000 likes in roughly 5 hours.

After all the leaks and rumors, it will be interesting to see what is true and what is not as more information becomes available. It will also be interesting to see how Bungie follows up on Destiny 1‘s success and to see if they improve on the lack of in-game lore outside of the Bungie website, a common criticism of Destiny 1. No official release date has been given for Destiny 2, but it is predicted to come out by the end of the year.

One cannot help but wonder, was this planned or was Bungie’s hand forced? Did the leaks force Bungie to confirm Destiny 2 early, or was the announcement planned to come out at this time? The answer to these question will most likely not be known until long after the game’s release.

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