Call of Duty: Ghosts Leading the Pack In PS4 Launch Sales

Call of Duty: Ghosts leads in PS4 launch sales.

Call of Duty: Ghosts leads in PS4 launch sales.
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As the PlayStation 4 hit the stores on Friday in North America, the console broke records selling 984,212 units in the US week one, according to VGChartz. Game sales were equally impressive during week one. 2,417,516 games were sold in the first two days in the US.

That means for everyone PS4 sold, buyers also picked up 2.46 games. One of those games was probably Call of Duty: Ghosts. The title, developed by Infinity Ward, sold 703,638 copies during week one. According to VGChartz, that would add up to a 71 percent attach rate.

Battlefield 4 comes in second with only 396,187 sales, which puts them at a 40 percent attach rate. The PS4 exclusive, Killzone: Shadow Fall had 355,148 units sold. This made Killzone the top-selling exclusive in week one. The other PS4 launch exclusive, Knack, sold 102,749 units.

For a better perspective on total sales, here is the 15 top-selling PS4 launch titles;

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts – 703,638
2. Battlefield 4 – 396,187
3. Killzone: Shadow Fall – 355,148
4. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 345,176
5. Madden NFL 25 – 133,176
6. NBA 2K14 – 111,674
7. Knack – 102,749
8. Need for Speed Rivals – 94,157
9. FIFA Soccer 14 – 77,914
10. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – 32,188
11. NBA Live 14 – 21,652
12. Skylanders SWAP Force – 18,681
13. Just Dance 2014 – 17,569
14. Injustice: Gods Among Us – 5,143
15. Angry Birds Star Wars – 2,274

Do any of these sales really surprise you? Do you think the Xbox One is going to see similar results?

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