Call of Duty Ghosts: More of the Same or the Start of Something New?

Ghosts promises to be a ground breaking installment, but are we in for more of the same?
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The Xbox One reveal gave us new insight into the latest Call of Duty installment, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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During the conference we went behind the scenes at Infinity Ward, where they showed us the latest tech that is being used to create the game.

To be honest, it was not anything spectacularly ground breaking. In fact they had to compare their graphics to Modern Warfare 3 to create an illusion of change. We have come to a point where we are receiving a diminishing rate of return where graphics are involved.

They lauded how great the next gen engine is, but I could not see a discernible difference from what they showed us and what we are playing now.

They also went into detail on new features the game offers such as ‘peek and lean’ shooting mechanics and sliding while running, ideas that have been implemented in numerous games–especially Battlefield 3.

In fact, the only features that showed any promise were the inclusion of a new AI attack dog companion and a compelling story written by Stephan Gaghan.

While they were silent on how the dog will be implemented within the game, I can only hope that we will have the same emotional attachment to him as Will Smith had to his in I am Legend.

And with Academy Award winner Stephen Gaghan creating a moving  story, I can believe it. Something the Call of Duty franchise has been lacking is emotional appeal. Although there were some tender moments within Black Ops 2, as a whole the series has been a giant soulless shooter.

Perhaps he can breathe some life into a genre that as a whole, has become the butt of many a joke by being one dimensional.

His most noteworthy and award winning screenplay, Traffic, was one of the best pictures I have ever seen. With a compelling blend of both action and emotion, Gaghan is one of the best candidates to rewrite the brand for the franchise. 

But in the end, the reveal offered us nothing new or exciting. Sure, we have a few tempting morsels of innovation, but for the most part we are leaving the reveal empty handed. 

I’m sure more info will come in by E3, but for now I am left wanting much much more.

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