Capcom officials announces next in Remaster line-up: the Resident Evil prequel, Resident Evil Zero.

Capcom Continues Remastering with Resident Evil Zero

Capcom officials announces next in Remaster line-up: the Resident Evil prequel, Resident Evil Zero.
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Resident Evil fans have been clambering for a Resident Evil 2 HD remake since the Gamecube launch of Resident Evil HD, and Capcom finally answered – with an enhanced remaster of Resident Evil Zero. On the official Capcom-Unity blog this morning, Resident Evil HD remaster producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi very enthusiastically passed the ceremonial green herb to original Resident Evil Zero director, Koji Oda, and producer Tsukasa Takenaka to announce the next in their line of remasters.

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Resident Evil Zero played through the events leading up to the mansion incident with gamer’s taking control of STARS Bravo Team member Rebecca Chambers and escaped prison inmate, Billy Coen. The game was the first in the series introduce and last to use “Character Phasing,” which allowed players to switch between Billy and Rebecca on the fly. It certainly wasn’t a favorite amongst fans of the series, but it is pivotal to the Resident Evil canonical timeline in showing off some of Umbrellas more dubious experiments.

With the success of the remaster of the Resident Evil REmake, which reached an impressive 1 million sales within 4 months, it’s no surprise that Capcom would want to try and continue to capitalize once again on another remaster. It could also serve as a distraction to make-up for a potential lack of Resident Evil 7 news this year, and after the critical mess the sixth entry was, it may be a ploy that’s is easily swallowed.

While it’s not the HD remake we’ve been hoping for, the fact that Capcom is still looking back at the success of the original series is promising; and, in their defense, it’s quite a bit easier to enhance an already existing game than to remake one entirely.

The blog announcement was vague with details, but one can expect a definite release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with possible launches on the 360 and PS3.

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