Capcom wants you to feel more connected with Resident Evil 3 remake's cast before, y'know... that thing happens.

Capcom Peels the Scab Back on New Resident Evil 3 Remake Details

Capcom wants you to feel more connected with Resident Evil 3 remake's cast before, y'know... that thing happens.

We’re dragging ever closer to Resident Evil 3 remake‘s April 3, 2020 release date, and some more details about the game are starting to ooze out. Japanese publication Famitsu interviewed the game’s producers, Peter Fabiano and Masao Kawada, about some of the changes players can expect in the remake, with translation by the folks at Siliconera.

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The key takeaway from the interview is that RE3make features more departures from the original than Resident Evil 2‘s remake did. For starters, the Resident Evil 3 remake focuses a lot more on action than the original, and the goal was to use that action as a contrast to RE2‘s focus on zombie horror.

Capcom also wants to surprise people with the game. That’s partly why the developer hasn’t revealed much gameplay yet. That rationale is also why the initial announcement was left so close to Resident Evil 3 remake’s release date. Fabiano and Kawada said that the RE3 master ROM is finished, and all that’s left are minor tweaks.

The interview also discusses the remake’s approach to characters. Carlos looks different, but is essentially the same as before, while Jill’s redesign was handled very carefully given she’s such a popular character.

In another interview with Capcom TV, translated and summarized on ResetEra, the producers also said Dario Rosso has a bigger role this time around. With that in mind, Capcom wants to make the entire cast more interesting and memorable in general — probably because of that thing that happens at the end.

One other tidbit Twitter user MissSnuggleButt translated is about Brad Vickers, who apparently gets a much-expanded role in the remake. Those who purchase the RE3 special edition should reportedly pay attention to the map notes for some in-game hints as well.

Finally, one of the bigger changes involves Hunter Beta. It’s been completely revamped to keep with the game’s new structure built around modern gameplay styles and action. We’re not completely sure what that means, but the originals were hellish enough to deal with. We can’t wait to see what nail-biting surprises lie in store in April.

All this, and Capcom’s also still testing out a new, unannounced title. Though it could be Resident Evil related, there’s also the possibility that the game is in the Dino Crisis franchise or one of the other 10 games Capcom recently trademarked

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