Expect big, new Capcom games in the coming year, with plenty of support for modern classics as well.

Capcom Plans Several Games This Year, Ongoing Support for Existing Hits

Expect big, new Capcom games in the coming year, with plenty of support for modern classics as well.

Capcom plans on releasing multiple new titles and push its back catalog in the coming year as part of its continued revival of all things old-school. The news comes from Capcom’s 2019 fiscal results summary, where the makers of Resident Evil outline how they plan to achieve these goals.

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The big takeaway here is that Capcom hopes for 28 million unit sales (individual purchases, in non-business-speak) by the end of March 2021. Publishing multiple, major new titles is one method the software giant plans on using, but remaining flexible with pricing and “pursuing ongoing sales” from previous titles is another.

Obviously, Capcom didn’t say what these new titles are, but it’s pretty reasonable to expect Resident Evil 8 among major new announcements. With dinosaurs rampaging back into popularity, we might get lucky and see a Dino Crisis resurgence, too. And as always here lately, all this hinges on what affects the coronavirus and work-from-home statutes have on development.

The report did say Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Resident Evil 2 factor into Capcom’s plans for leveraging its back catalog, and that could be interesting in itself.

Further down, Capcom presents a little diagram showing how it views its business structure. 75% of its focus is on new software, while the remaining 25% is about expanding the IP through merchandise and adaptations. That’s followed by a little spiral diagram showing how the model plays out with Monster Hunter. Capcom builds on the success of a new game, like World, with mobile spinoffs, events, concerts, expansions, and even movies.

Whether we can expect the same for titles like Resident Evil 2 isn’t clear, and some of these — like the concerts and cafe collaborations — are definitely Japan-only. Either way, in between Capcom’s major releases, we can expect continued and ongoing support for its already-released hits.

The full report is in a PDF on Capcom’s website. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Capcom news as it develops.

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