If an email posted to Reddit is to be believed, Capcom is getting ready to test an unannounced title.

Capcom Taps Resident Evil Ambassadors to Test New Game

If an email posted to Reddit is to be believed, Capcom is getting ready to test an unannounced title.
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Capcom has reached out to members of the Resident Evil Ambassador program to test an “unannounced game.” The news comes from a Reddit post that claims to show an email to members. It informs them that they can now apply to playtest a new title. 

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Unfortunately, we currently don’t know what that title might be since Capcom has not officially revealed it. However, it’s possible it might be a Dino Crisis remake or a new entry in the Resident Evil franchise, such as the rumored Resident Evil 8

We recently reported that Capcom filed trademarks for 11 game franchises with the Japan Patent Office. One of those games was Dino Crisis. Because of the original’s success, fans have clamored for a new game in the dino-chise for more than 16 years.

With the recent triumph of the Resident Evil 2 remake, and the impending release of the Resident Evil 3 remake, it’s possible Capcom is set to pull a John Hammond in the coming months, releasing a new Dino Crisis into the world. However, nothing’s set in amber. 

The alleged email to Resident Evil Ambassadors also details changes to the program’s ranking system and says that “higher-ranked Ambassadors have a greater chance to be selected for these offers,” which also include “priority seats at our game show booth.”  

Ultimately, it’s important to take the possible existence of either a Dino Crisis remake or Resident Evil 8 with a grain of salt. We won’t officially know anything until Capcom spills the proverbial beans. Theoretically, the new title could be anything, even if the developer has reached out to the Ambassadors program for input. 

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