Street Fighter V comes with Dhalsim AND the promise of six free DLC characters within the first year after the February 16th launch.

Capcom teases Street Fighter V mystery DLC characters

Street Fighter V comes with Dhalsim AND the promise of six free DLC characters within the first year after the February 16th launch.

A press briefing led by Sony got Paris Games Week off to an exciting start. An official release date for Street Fighter V came with a new character reveal. Dhalsim, the yoga master from Street Fighter II, shakes off the dust in a fiery return on the game’s launch date, February 16th. The game will release on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Executive producer Yoshinori Ono presented more than this exciting trailer, continuing on to tease fans with six shadowy silhouettes.

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Dhalsim grows a beard and demonstrates all the necessary techniques to be the game’s first true zoner (both are equally important). Along with modifications to his teleportation ability, Dhalsim gains:

  • Yoga Float: V-Skill allowing Dhalsim to float and thus making all airborne normal and specials available. He can move across the screen while in the air.
  • Yoga Burner: V-Trigger allowing Dhalsim to spit up a carpet of flames. The flames sizzle and deal gray damage for a limited period of time while in direct contact with the opponent.
  • Fireballs: Modified to allow a vertical toss in an arc rather than just a horizontal throw.
On toward the mystery!

Ono announced that the silhouettes represent six additional DLC characters that will enter the scene within the game’s first year. These add-ons don’t cost a single penny of real currency. If Capcom stays on task, this means players have the chance to grab a brand new character every two months.

How do you unlock the characters, you ask? You play the game! Leveling up characters or completing daily goals unlocks “Fight Money,” or in-game currency. Capcom already confirmed earlier this year that this money can be spent on additional characters, making these bonuses free. Who doesn’t love free? Zenny currency also exists as an alternative, available through a purchase with your real dollars, for those who prefer to deny the awesome of free in order to avoid grinding for game cash. 

The game’s core roster stands at sixteen characters, making Dhalsim the second last reveal for the game’s release. Speculation about the six new characters will fill in the gaps, giving players more to look forward to without the added consequence of extortion.

Keep doing you, Capcom, because I’m not sure players are used to being treated so nicely.

Any guesses on the identity of these secret DLC characters? Contemplate below! Go on, guess, it’s half the fun. Do you see Dudley? Sakura? Juri? Just some humble suggestions. . .

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