CastleStorm Heading to PS3 and Vita Next Month

CastleStorm is spreading its wings and coming live to Sony PS3 and Vita.

CastleStorm is spreading its wings and coming live to Sony PS3 and Vita.
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Zen Studios is preparing for their launch of CastleStorm coming in November. It will be released for the PS3 and the Vita. One feature they are claiming as a selling point is that purchasers will be able to use PSN’s Cross Buy support.

With PSN’s Cross Buy support, they only have to buy one copy of CastleStorm and have access to it on both the PS3 and Vita. It will be available for $9.99 in the US on November 5th, and for the same price in Euros when it launches November 6th in Europe.

CastleStorm is a tower defense brawler game. There is even a tower destruction editor that can be used while mobile. The game will have multiplayer that consists of:

  • 1 versus 1 split-screen (available on PS3 only)
  • Survival mode (available on both platforms)
  • and Last Stand Co-Op mode (also available on both platforms)

In CastleStorm, it is the knights against the vikings as they wage war against each other. You build up towers and work to defeat your enemy’s towers. Just be sure to watch your resources, as management is key.

This real-time strategy game is already available on Steam for PCs and Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Arcade. Steam shows two additional downloadable content modules for sale. Xbox Live Arcade shows a rating of four stars for CastleStorm.

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