Casual Bit Games Get More Than They Bargained For on Kickstarter

Arcade style action adventure Battle Princess Madelyn steals the show in tremendous Kickstarter campaign success.

Arcade style action adventure Battle Princess Madelyn steals the show in tremendous Kickstarter campaign success.

We all like it when we find out that something has done well on Kickstarter but it is great when an indie game rockets through its campaign and raises way more than they had originally hoped for. This is what has just happened for Canadian indie developers Casual Bit Games with their nostalgic arcade action adventure Battle Princess Madelyn.

You can read more about the game and the developers influences an interview recently done by GameSkinny’s own Angelina Bonilla, but to give you an idea of the game; you play a pink armor-clad princess called Madelyn. You must battle your way through levels of monsters and ghouls to save your family and the Kingdom.

The developers were initially hoping to raise $60,000 CAD and within the first 24 hours of the campaign being live, backers had already pledged 60% of the target! Over the course of the funding period, they hit stretch goal after stretch until April 14th then the campaign closed and it could be announced that they had raised a staggering $212,665 CAD pledged by over 3400 backers!

“The campaign for Battle Princess Madelyn was an incredible and humbling experience. We honestly didn’t anticipate such a strong response for our game and it’s absolutely overwhelming hearing how people can relate to Maddi’s story. With this level of funding we will deliver our vision and make the game the very best it can be.”

Christopher Obritsch, Creative Director at Causal Bit Games

They do not plan to stop there quite yet as they have now opened a PayPal Store which will allow anyone who would still like to back the game an opportunity to do so and to receive the same tier rewards that were on the Kickstarter campaign. This is for a limited time only and will close on May 5th.

Anyone who is interested in having a look at the game, the developers have released a pre-alpha build demo for you to download for PC from either Steam or via IndieDB.

There is currently no news on any release date but we do know that it will release on PC, XBox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and on the Wii U. Make sure you check back with us for any major updates regarding the game and its release!

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