Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean Reveal Trailer Takes to the Seven Seas

The sequel to the million dollar kitty game has been revealed.

Image via Kepler Interactive
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Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean was revealed during the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase. Shown off with an announcement trailer laden with adorable action, the latest in the Cat Quest series is set to rake in the treasure. The adventure will be taking to the high seas in 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Pirate of the Purribean will feature co-op multiplayer, letting you face down dastardly bands of pirates throughout the 2.5D world of Archipelago. The story this time around is that you’re in search of a mythological treasure known as the North Star (maybe the real North Star? Who knows … for now).

All of the pirates are hunting for it, and should it fall into the wrong hands, it could spell doom for all. Nothing could be worse than that, even falling into the ocean.

To be the first to the North Star, you’ll need to drown out the meows of your enemies as you sink their ships with cannonballs and elemental shells. You’ll also be able to take to the land and stretch your claws in a bout of combat, which looks great, too. With new weapons and spells that you can rapidly switch to during battle, you’ll be able to create combos that’ll whisker your breath away.

While the game’s release date is yet to be fully confirmed, 2024 is only a handful of months away. During that time, we’re sure to get more information on the latest weapons, why the North Star can start the apocalypse and just how a group of cats survives on a ship. Be sure to keep a lookout for more updates as 2024 gets closer.

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