The next community event is Abra Community Day, bringing with it more Abra, more rewards, and a Special Research event.

Catch an ESP-ecially Elusive ‘Mon in Pokemon GO Abra Community Day

The next community event is Abra Community Day, bringing with it more Abra, more rewards, and a Special Research event.

Pokemon GO‘s Abra Community Day event is back this year, bringing with it the chance to catch the elusive Psychic type. There’s the usual bonus items like Stardust too, but this year’s Abra day is also offering a brand-new Special Research task.

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Abra Community Day in Pokemon GO starts April 25 and lasts from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your local time zone. During the event, you’ll have a higher chance of encountering Abra in the wild, and more importantly, an even higher chance of finding Shiny Abra. If you evolve your Abra into Alakzam during the event or up to two hours after it ends, the Alakazam will learn Counter — a move it never learns otherwise.

There’s a number of ways to get additional, helpful items during the Community Day event too. There’s a new bundle available in the Item Shop as a one-time purchase. For 1,280 PokeCoins, you’ll get an Elite Charged TM, three Incense, 30 Ultra Balls, and three Super Incubators (helpful if you’re hatching Eggs for the Volbeat Buddy event too).

Your Buddy Pokemon will bring even more items to you as well if they’re Great Buddy level or higher. Any Incense you use during the event lasts for three hours, and you’ll earn three times the normal amount of Catch Stardust while the event lasts.

Finally, Abra Community Day is introducing the Investigating Illusions Special Research event. There’s a bit of a catch, though, as you’ll need to spend $1 to unlock it. If you complete it, you’ll get 13,000 Stardust, a Poffin, a Rocket Radar, plus other rewards that are being kept quiet until the event goes live.

And best of all, you can still take part in the Pokemon GO Abra Community Day Event without venturing too far from your house, thanks to changes Niantic implemented so people could play without putting themselves and others at risk.

The full details are on the Pokemon site. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon GO news as it teleports our way.

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