Changing Names In Minecraft Available SOON

You have wanted to change your character's name for so long. YOUR TIME IS NOW!!!
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For those of us that have been Minecraft players for some time you realize that you may not like your name. This is a minor problem that causes a lot of gamers to sit an think about what they would rather have their on screen character to be called. 

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Today Mojang announced that name changes will be available soon for Minecraft players. This will come as a free service and can be done as many times as a player wants (some restrictions apply.) Players will be allowed to do this February 4th.

Once a player has changed their name and either decides they do not like the name or if they want to just change names again they can do so. However, they do have to wait at least thirty days after the initial change to allow another change. 

Also player names will still be unique. This means that there will be no identical named players on the servers. Also player names not in use for thirty-seven days will be freed to the public to allow for use again. 

If you have players blacklisted, whitelisted, etc and they change their name these options will be saved even if the player changes their name. That means that annoying player you booted and blocked will still not be allowed to join you.

If there are any other questions you may have feel free to ask them here and other crafters might join in on the discussion. However feel free to click here and go right over to Mojang’s site and see the official posting.

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