Character Concept Art for Blizzard’s Overwatch

Blizzard's Overwatch franchise released character concept art and class descriptions.

Blizzard's Overwatch franchise released character concept art and class descriptions.
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Blizzard recently announced the development phase of the new franchise Overwatch, a multi-player, futuristic shooter. Arnold Tsang created the concept art for the game's varied characters, which each represent their own class. Check out the characters and let us know: which one do you want to play first?

Bastion is your friendly neighborhood robot with an assault rifle. He's able to shift into a cannon and repair himself, and control mines. His mines are remote-controlled and can either explode or launch ammunition rounds 360 degrees around.

Mercy is the necessary support character for team battles. Mercy has the ability to heal her teammates, boost their attacks, and resurrect them when they fall. She can fly smoothly to other characters and descend safely back to the ground. However, Mercy is not defenseless- she can shoot a blaster to kill her enemies.

Hanzo's weapon of choice is the bow, and he's deadly with it. He can use regular arrows, sonic arrows (which affect a larger area), and scatter arrows (which ricochet off walls and ceilings). He also has a special arrow called "Dragonstrike" which launches dragons at his enemies. Don't underestimate his range either; Hanzo can wall climb multiple stories to get better shots.

Rockets are Pharah's weapons of choice. Pharah holds a rocket launcher, uses jet boots for height and hover jets to move horizontally, and fires concussive blasts. Her move "Barage" involves opening the wings on her suit and launching a multitude of rockets at her enemies in a powerful attack. You definitely need to keep your head up if you're fighting her.

"Death walks among you" is the perfect tagline for Reaper. Wielding two long shotguns, Reaper has the ability to turn into a wraith of dark smoke and teleport using shadows. "Death Blossom" is his signature spin-and-shoot move, which can have multiple kills at once.

Symmetra's weapon of choice is a Photon Projector, which launches orbs of power and steady streams of energy. She also controls sentry drones that can attack without her near. Defensively, she can use a Photon Shield, which seems to negate an enemy's attack. Finally, Symmetra can set up teleporters.

Torbjörn is one-handed, one-clawed engineer with a penchant for a rivet gun. As an engineer, he can build gun turrets using his forge hammer, or give allies armor packs. Torbjörn seems to have his own type of berserk mode called "Molten Core", where he can build stronger turrets and potentially have stronger attacks.

Tracer is more than a pretty face; she's a sharp-shooting, dual pistol-wielding pilot with the ability to manipulate time. Tracer can dash both forward and backward in time, and can even drop pulse bombs along the way. She does all of this while making quips in her lovable accent.

Reinhardt seems to be your typical massive powerhouse. Covered in armor and bearing a rocket hammer, Reinhardt smites without hesitation, using distance fire attacks or close-up ground smashes. Defensively, he uses a large riot shield that could ostensibly cover himself and a partner. Don't let his size fool you- Reinhardt can use rockets on the back of his suit to launch a swift charge forward.

Widowmaker is an assassin with all the necessary tools for her trade. Her gun "Widow's Kiss" shifts between an assault rifle and a long range sniper rifle. To compliment her weaponry, Widowmaker has a hand-held grappling hook that allows her to move around the landscape with ease and infra-red goggles that add more visibility for her kills. As if that wasn't enough, Widowmaker can also launch venom mines from her wrist.

Winston may be a gorilla, but he's also a scientist. He may not appear to be the most fast-moving, but his jet pack gives him lift to the highest places. His chargeable Tesla Cannons pack a punch, and so does Winston's berserk mode, aptly named "Primal Rage." Winston isn't all attack; he also controls a dome shield to block enemy attacks from all directions.

Zenyatta is a robot monk that utilizes orbs to smite his enemies. He can launch singular orbs or can charge his power for a multiple energy attack. Additionally, his orb of discord delivers rapid strikes on the same opponent. Finally, Zenyatta can become immune to damage by transcending reality.