Check Your Inbox: WildStar BETA Pity Keys For Everyone!

Ever apply for BETA access with Wildstar? Check your email inbox, chances are you received a BETA invite for this weekend's “Bonus BETA Weekend”!
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We all grow tired of World of Warcraft sometime, which leads players to hold on to an undying hope that one day we will find our next obsession in the MMORPG genre. 

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This undying hope lead me to Wildstar; the ability to have Warplots and Housing was pretty exciting.  Heck, I haven’t played an MMORPG with housing since Ultima Online (yeah, I’m THAT old) so Wildstar quickly piqued my interest. 

After applying for BETA access I was disappointed to find no invite in my inbox. As I waited, my excitement turned into frustration.  I all but gave up on the game until I came across dane0mite’s article on the GameSkinny BETA Key Giveaway last weekend. 

I started a couple of characters, running through the tutorial section and ending up happy with an Aurin Esper.  While I had fun with my time in Wildstar, I honestly barely made it to the Planet Nexus before real life took over and the BETA ended.  I really wasn’t interested enough to purchase the game so I was happy to find an email stating I was given a second chance. 

At first I believed my invite was due to my amazing accomplishments in the past BETA, but found out it was merely a pity invite!

By pity invite I mean that anyone who has ever applied to get into BETA for Wildstar has now been invited to the “Bonus BETA Weekend.”  Here’s the details straight from the Community Lead forum post:

The weekend will run from Friday at 7AM PDT (2PM UTC) through Sunday at 11:59PM PDT (Monday, 7AM UTC). 

  • The level cap has been raised to 25.
  • New Adventure: War of the Wilds unlocks at level 25!
  • We’re going to be inviting every person who ever signed up for (but didn’t get into) WildStar beta to this weekend’s event. That’s a lot of people, so you’ll have plenty of friends to team up with for Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Adventures, and more!

 Pity invite or not, I plan to take my Aurin Esper for a trip through the Planet Nexus, and if you have any curiosity for the game check your inbox!  You most likely have your pity invite too!  🙂

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