Checkpoint flags, mushroom/fireflowers, and more get added to Nintendo's platformer creation tool.

Checkpoints and more added to Super Mario Maker

Checkpoint flags, mushroom/fireflowers, and more get added to Nintendo's platformer creation tool.

In the latest Super Mario Maker update, Nintendo supplied players with the oft requested checkpoint system. 

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Originally, user-created levels required players to complete the level from start to finish without dying. With version 1.20, however, level creators will be able to implement checkpoint flags. These will allow players who reach checkpoints to restart mid-level if they were to fall victim to a gumba, plummet to their death, etc.

The lack of a checkpoint system in Super Mario Maker has been a common grievance among consumers and critics alike. While sporting mostly high reviews (some outlets ranking the platformer a perfect 10/10), some criticized the game for this omission. 

The fact that you can’t place a checkpoint is baffling. You’re forced to finish a level on one life. Sadly, not even the original Super Mario Bros., which the company released in 1985, was that cruel.

– Review by Jose Otero



Also effective upon updating, level creators will now be able to combine a mushroom and a fireflower within the same question block. This will result in small Mario receiving the mushroom, while big Mario will be presented with the fireflower. While the lack of this classic system did not concern critics as much as the missing checkpoints, it should certainly please those players craving more authenticity in their favorite platformer creator tool.

In spite of the lack of checkpoints, mushroom-flowers, and other features included in the update, the Wii U exclusive has sold and performed well since its release. With nearly 2 million copies sold, Nintendo has reported that over 2.2 million levels were created, and have been played over 75 million times. Following this established popularity among Wii U owners, Nintendo released a Super Mario Maker themed stage in Super Smash Bros (Wii U and 3DS), which procedurally generates itself into a differently configured stage each time it is used. 



Other features coming to the Super Mario Maker update are a more customizable Course World, and a playable Totem Link sprite from The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes on 3DS. For more on Nintendo’s creation tool, like the top 20 levels you should be playing, keep an eye on GameSkinny!


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