Splash Damage has been sold to a Chicken meat supplier. What the cluck?

Chicken Company buys Splash Damage. Wait what?

Splash Damage has been sold to a Chicken meat supplier. What the cluck?
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Splash Damage, the company responsible for Gears of War 4, has recently been bought by Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited. Which is, you guessed it, a Chicken meat supplier.

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The original owner of Splash Damage, Paul Wedgwood, sold the company a few weeks ago. However the total amount is currently unknown. From what we can gather from the acquisition document, it was no more than $150 million. Which isn’t a lot when you really think about it – especially since this includes a lot of variables.

However Leyou has been in the gaming business, so to speak, since last year when they bought Digital Extremes in 2015, the developers of Warframe. Their reason for doing buying gaming companies is, in essence, not to look like cocks. 

The poultry business has a bit of a bad reputation, people can be harsh to the people who support or work in these companies. So to keep themselves safe from cynical bastards, they buy game companies to diversify their holdings, and make people a little nicer all around.

Why they sold the company is unclear. Perhaps Splash Damage was a little down on their cluck. But if Leyou doesn’t interfere, like they’ve done with Digital Extremes, then we should be seeing some egg-citing games hatched out soon.

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