Child of Light: The Turn-Based Fairytale Arrives on April 30

If you appreciated the old-school turn-based RPGs of yesteryear, sign on for this one.
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Turn-based is dead? Since when?

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Well, the mechanic is probably on the way out but before it goes, Ubisoft has a potential gem for veteran RPG lovers: The publisher has announced that Child of Light will release on April 30, 2014. It will be available for download on the PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS4, Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, and Steam for PC. The title holds a reasonable price tag of only $14.99.

Generated by a small team of “seasoned developers” at Ubisoft Montreal, Child of Light utilizes the company’s powerful UbiArt Framework engine. This capable tech “lets programmers and artists bring their art to life by allowing original concept art to be inserted unedited into the game world.” The result is very much like playing an “interactive painting.”

Dubbed a “reimagining of classic fairy tales,” players will embark on a grand adventure in the magical world of Lemuria. In addition to turn-based combat inspired by classic RPGs, we’ll also discover all sorts of mysteries. The story follows Aurora, a child stolen from her home who must now attempt to bring back the sun, the moon and the stars. Held captive by the Queen of Night, the divine bodies must be liberated.

To learn more, check out the game’s official site. Okay, so it’s a little cutesy but as an homage to the past, I love the premise!

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