Children of Morta Update Lets You Bond with New Game+, New Side Quests

The latest Children of Morta update introduces New Game+ and a number of other additions to make life with the Bergsons even better.

Dead Mage unveiled a brand-new Children of Morta update called Setting Sun Inn. It’s bringing a bunch of expansions to the title, too, including New Game+, more events, more quests, and more ways to experience the Bergsons’ quest to restore the world in this family-based rogue-like.

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The Setting Sun Inn update is free for all consoles and PC, and it follows last year’s first Children of Morta update that introduced a new challenge set.

Children of Morta New Game+ lets you start again with a higher difficulty and changes to the skill point cap system, for a more challenging experience overall. There’s some beneficial changes along the way too, including upgrades for what Margaret and Ben can do for you.

Another big part of the Children of Morta update is more scenes. As the trailer at the top of this post shows, there’s 20 new cutscenes throughout the journey and 30 new family events and home actions.

We thought the family dynamic and scenes between the Bergsons (and the narration that accompanied them) were some of the game’s strongest points, so it’s nice to learn we’re getting even more Bergson family drama and bonding.

Dead Mage breaks the additions down like this:

  • 20 new cutscenes
  • 8 new home interactive events
  • 26 new home idle activities
  • 14 new family events and quests in dungeons

There’s also three new side quest traits to look forward to.

That’s a lot to sink into, especially almost a full year after Children of Morta launched, but the Children of Morta roadmap shows it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Children of Morta update news as it emerges from the shadows.

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