Christmas Comes Early In New PAYDAY 2 Update

Deck the halls with body bags and bullet holes in the newest updated released today!
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Sony Online Entertainment has definitely hit paydirt with their heist fantasy sequel, PAYDAY 2. The four-person co-op first person shooter released earlier this year in August, allowing players to take on the role of a bank robber with Washington DC as their new high-stakes criminal playground.

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In that time, shops have been selling out of the hit title for consoles (at 14 GBs, it is way too big to be circulated on Xbox Live whose limit is closer to 2 GBs) and critics have raved about it, to the point where it has already received a Golden Joystick Award for best multiplayer

And now the developers are paying it forward, breaking out a brand new update which is free for all players.

Earlier today, Overkill Software released a new heist: “The Charlie Santa Heist” which is set in the bank from Counter Strike: Global Offensive(And you thought the franchise would only reference Left 4 Dead, didn’t you?)

Nine new themed achievements have been added to the game, from having each member of your team wearing a different Santa mask (“Reindeer Games”) to putting at least four body bags under the Christmas tree in the GO Bank job (“Dead Presents”).

If that wasn’t enough, the update also includes a free present from Gage that might come in handy and new Santa masks to don in their criminal activities – from small-time convenience store hits to major bank heists or even furthering a political agenda, the sky’s the limit when you’ve got all the gigs CRIMENET has to offer. And if you still miss Breaking Bad and really want to channel some Walter White this Christmas, have your new Santa-clad criminal cook up some quality meth. 

Overkill Software also released a brand new trailer to celebrate the newest update, featuring a woman making a 911 call in the middle of a bank robbery.

For those of you interested in reading up on the rest of the achievements, you can check them out on Overkill Software’s website.

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