Cinder Kitten: How Imaginary Cats Can Help Rebuild NY & NJ

You helped rebuild a shattered world in Cataclysm. Now help rebuild the areas shattered by Superstorm Sandy by buying the Cinder Kitten.

Unless you’ve been so absorbed in raiding and the content of 5.1 that you haven’t turned on the news for quite some time, you should know of the devastation that Superstorm Sandy wrought. Slaying big bad evil guys in WoW takes a bit of heroism and now you can exercise that same trait in the real world, while keeping it WoW related.

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Blizzard put up a new pet for sale in their online store: the Cinder Kitten. This hip cat is perfect for pet battles and, well, just looks like some obscene mix of cute and cool. It’s of the beast variety, but it also has elemental and dragonkin abilities at its disposal.

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part of the Cinder Kitten: 100% of the $10 you pay for it will go to the Red Cross’s relief efforts to rebuild the places destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Blizzard took the pleasure of gaming and added in a bit of philanthropy to create a beautiful mix.

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